Why Does Fundraising Matter?

Posted: Mar 11th, 2019 Updated: Dec 17, 2020

For every campaign or nonprofit, fundraising seems to be like facing the ultimate villain. No Hero wants to do it, but it is inevitable.

You know fundraising is important, or at least enough people have told you that it is, including us, but do you really know why it’s important? It’s about more than just raising money.

Here are just a few reasons why you should be actively involved in fundraising:


Focus on your donors

Fundraising forces you to tighten your message and help your potential donors understand how they can help you achieve your mission - whether it is getting elected or accomplishing your non-profits mission. Identify areas of shared interest and engage your supporters in a meaningful way, and the very best supporters are those that can help you reach your financial and other goals.


Get your name out there

Fundraising provides opportunities for you to reach out to people and get to know them and their concerns. Name recognition is key to a successful campaign. Making yourself visible through fundraiser emails, social media posts and other forms of fundraising are ways in which you are spreading your name and raising money.

The more you reach out to people, connect with them, share your ideas with them, and ask them for help, the more they will come to know about you.

You’re building your team of followers. Just as a superhero’s followers stand by them and believe in them through it all, your followers will be there to support you.


Donors become committed to you

People will donate to you because they feel strongly about you and your cause; they want to help you make a difference. When someone contributes money to your cause it gives them a feeling of empowerment and ownership in what you are doing. It also means they are bought into your campaign and may be more likely to connect you with additional supporters, volunteer, provide advice, and find ways to help you achieve our goal.



This one is straightforward; fundraising brings in money. More money doesn’t necessarily guarantee success, but it does widen the margin for error.  Every superhero has a financial backer, and you also need money to save the world. You gain the resources you need to reach your goals and keep your campaign/non-profit moving forward.


Although money is an integral part of fundraising, it is about more than just the money. It’s every step before and after those donations are made that really make the difference in your campaign.

Sam Shurtleff

With a background in business and entrepreneurship, Sam brings a unique view to the FundHero world. Focusing on product development and user success her goal is to help candidates and nonprofits become better fundraisers with all the right tools at their fingertips.