Fundraising Template: End of Quarter Email Drive

Posted: Mar 11th, 2020 Updated: Dec 24, 2020

There is never enough time in a Superhero’s day so FundHero is jumping in as your sidekick. Let’s start raising money today!


Email fundraising is a quick and simple way to reach a large base of potential donors and help you reach your financial goals. While FundHero has lots of content on the mechanics of email fundraising (see this blog post for details) this post focuses on how campaigns and nonprofits can leverage financial quarters - a concept from the business, budgeting, and finance world - to raise more money today.


Here are a few tips to make your end-of-the-quarter fundraising push a success:


Use the End of Quarter Deadline to Create Urgency

End of financial quarters create urgency, for both the campaign and the donor.

Deadlines mean that something needs to happen right then and there.  Donors can’t push your email off to a few weeks later where it will get lost, never seen again. By leveraging your the end of a financial quarter, you show that you need their help in that exact moment.

It’s true, campaigns and nonprofits are not publicly traded companies, but people inherently understand the concept of a “financial quarter.” They will get your need to reach a goal regardless if you have an internal financial goal or not.

The bottom line, even when a deadline is manufactured, it can help those donors who plan on donating eventually to donate today.


Create Goals Around Quarter One

A specific goal (even if it’s arbitrary) gives you something to work towards while helping donors understand how their contribution fits into your financial goals.  

The end of the quarter provides a perfect time to check in and see where you are at with your campaign goals. Whether you are short or ahead of your campaign goals, use that as a push to raise more money.

You can even match your goals up to something catchy like “$2019 for 2019” or “Donate $25 with 25 days left”. Don’t be afraid to be creative and engage people in your goal.


Help Readers see the Relevance

If it’s not relevant they won’t even care to read the email much less open future emails.

At this early stage in the campaign, you are still creating your identity and brand. Reminding people of the vision of your campaign keeps donors engaged and shows them what they are becoming a part of.

Use this opportunity to share your message and let people know what sets you apart and why you are going to be the difference that they need to be a part of.


Send Multiple Emails

More frequent content leads to more success.

One email is easy to ignore or forget, but sending multiple, consistent emails helps you to stay at the top of the inbox. We like to send 4-5 emails in 2 weeks that follow these general topics:

  1. Launch of  Email Campaign
  2. Email Forward
  3. Progress Update
  4. Almost There
  5. Thank You

For a detailed breakdown of the emails, visit this blog post


You can use these same ideas with social media and other grassroots efforts to combine methods and reach your goals. You reach different people in different ways by using a variety of platforms. Use them all to let people know your goal, deadline, and how they can be a part of your journey.

Sam Shurtleff

With a background in business and entrepreneurship, Sam brings a unique view to the FundHero world. Focusing on product development and user success her goal is to help candidates and nonprofits become better fundraisers with all the right tools at their fingertips.