6 Helpful Tips to Stand Out This #GivingTuesday

Posted: Oct 28th, 2020 Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Giving Tuesday is right around the corner. See how to keep your nonprofit from getting lost in a sea of organizational fundraising.

The Tuesday following Thanksgiving, known globally as Giving Tuesday, offers nonprofits and charities the opportunity to reinvigorate their fundraising efforts and showcase their transformative power to a world of people in the holiday giving spirit. For each side of the donation, #GivingTuesday puts generosity on full display, and can skyrocket an organization into new heights.

Considering the massive scale of the annual mission, though, it’s often easier to get lost in the shuffle than it is to get your nonprofit’s name on the top of donors minds. So leading up to this December 1, follow these steps to ensure you stand out.


Find a matching donor

Finding a major supporter to match donations can be difficult, but it’s far from impossible. By engaging your current major givers, to canvassing local businesses and benefactors for a match donor pledge you’re able to maximize #GivingTuesday donations while highlighting your nonprofit’s backing by community business leaders. Make sure to tell your target audience about donation match ahead of December 1, so they get excited about their funds going further than they normally would.


Tell your story

It’s commonplace for Black Friday shoppers to scour newspaper ads for the best deals the night before the big day — and Giving Tuesday donors do the same. Broadcast your message and tell a compelling, relatable story of your nonprofit’s impact. Donors will look around for active, growing organizations to give to, so inspire them with a narrative. Use all methods to get your story heard — especially your social media channels.


Make it a party

Giving Tuesday is a huge day for nonprofits, so have fun with it. Your staff, volunteers, and donors are all looking to share in the joy of the giving spirit. Use your website and social channels to share the year’s milestones and memories, create #GivingTuesday events, and livestream the big day.


Implore your donor base

Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity to ask your existing donors for more, but “more” doesn’t have to mean money. Ask them to share your story and donation pages with their network of friends and family. Get your board engaged with Pre written emails and social media posts they can use on the big day. Doing so not only helps them feel like they are truly part of your nonprofit’s mission, but it amplifies your presence and builds excitement leading to December 1.


Be prepared

A lot can go right on Giving Tuesday, but a lot can go wrong, too. To avoid potential mishaps, narrow down your target audience, and test your donation platforms, phones, and social channels across devices and browsers. Taking those few extra moments to avoid snafus will not only make sure donations go through properly, but that the right people are making them in the first place.


Share your success

On and after the big day itself, keep your donors updated — especially when you hit a big milestone. Sharing your success and being transparent about your goals will encourage donors to give and be excited about your mission. Thank your donors, and make sure they understand their impact.


This Giving Tuesday, stand out from the crowd

December 1 is right around the corner, so now is the perfect time to get ready for it. Reimagine, reenergize, and reinvigorate your nonprofit so that when the big day comes, you’ve already taken every step to tell your story and encourage donors to give.


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Eric Paulson

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