Fundraising Letter Template: Final Push

Posted: Sep 25th, 2017 Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Your election is just weeks away and there is lots to do. We get it, fundraising is not on the top of your to-do list.

Let us help you with a few tips and a sample letter you can use as a template when drafting your final fundraising letter.

1. Say thank you. 

Your lowest hanging fruits are those already involved in your campaign – your previous donors, volunteers, event attendees, and activists. Make sure you acknowledge and thank them for what they have already done.
This also helps you to keep positive relationships with your donors. These are people, not just numbers. Saying thank you is also a simple way that may bring a donor back in the future.


2. Ask for something specific. 

Donors are always more likely to contribute when they understand their impact. Frame your ask in the context of something specific your campaign needs. At this point, the campaign is coming quickly and you need funds to get you through the final stretch, let people know.


3. Create urgency. 

You literally are days away from the end of your race. Make sure the donor knows that now is the time to give; if they wait around or try to push it off until later, the campaign will be over.


4. Talk about the future.

Donors invest in the future and what change you are going to bring. Keep your eye on what you'll do if you're elected, not your past. Remind people of what your visions and goals are and what you plan to achieve if you win the election.

For more details on drafting fundraising letters check out this article. 

Need some help pulling together a final campaign fundraising letter? Here is a template your welcome to use or pull from.

Matt Lyon

Matt has over 12 years of political fundraising experience. Matt’s experience includes overseeing up to fourteen staff members, administering budgets exceeding $1.1 million annually, directing million dollar paid media programs, raising over $5 million for various causes and organizations, and developing and implementing communications strategies that led to dozens of stories in local and national outlets, including the New York Times and Washington Post. Matt is an experienced and campaign veteran always willing to help the next candidate make a difference.