Four Final Fundraising To-Do's

Posted: Oct 24th, 2018 Updated: Dec 17, 2020

With your election just two weeks away, you likely are going back and forth between feeling worn out and surging with adrenaline! This is normal and every superhero faces that moment when they have to get back up again and run into the fight. As your sidekick, we are here to help you through this last stretch and make it to the end.

To help you keep moving forward we’ve put together Four Final Fundraising To-Dos:


1. Send a final mini-drive campaign

You still have time! Send out one final mini-drive to boost your fundraising this week. Utilize your email and social media to create awareness and give one final ask campaign. If you are a current FundHero user let us know if you would like help putting together your mini-drive emails. For more details on how to put together a mini-drive and for a template visit this blog.


2. Reach out to past donors

Ask for final donations from those that have already given. Reach out individually to them by phone or email to thank them for their past support and invite them to help you once more to push to the end. FundHero has a lapsed donor list so you can see who hasn’t donated in the past year or 90 days. It will be much easier to raise money now than after the election, so it's great to reach out one last time!


3. Thank your donors and invite them to join you for election night

In this instance, the donor is YOUR HERO. Your donors have supported you this far and you should thank them now, win or lose; you’ve appreciated all that they have helped you accomplish. Win or lose, it's easier to thank someone now that it will be after the election while your campaign is on your mind.

Make sure the thank you is genuine and relevant to them. More than just thanking the person for the donation amount thank them for being them; for being the person who was willing to support you and support your cause.

You can even take the time to send a handwritten thank you note. Make it about them and how much you appreciate them, use the word you.


4. Do not go into debt

As a final important reminder, we generally recommended people don’t take on additional personal debt in the final days of your election. While your race may feel close and every additional dollar helps, there are hugely diminishing returns on last-ditch efforts, and unless your race is literally within a handful of votes, it’s unlikely last-minute personal funds where you are loaning your campaign money likely won’t impact your election day results.


Every campaign is different but these same tips can apply to all of them. Make your campaign stand out by thanking people, not donations, with handwritten notes, and asking them to support you during the final days of the campaign. Good Luck!

Matt Lyon

Matt has over 12 years of political fundraising experience. Matt’s experience includes overseeing up to fourteen staff members, administering budgets exceeding $1.1 million annually, directing million dollar paid media programs, raising over $5 million for various causes and organizations, and developing and implementing communications strategies that led to dozens of stories in local and national outlets, including the New York Times and Washington Post. Matt is an experienced and campaign veteran always willing to help the next candidate make a difference.