Every story has a beginning... and this is ours

Posted: Apr 19th, 2017 Updated: Nov 09, 2020

Every superhero's look evolves. FundHero is no different!

Remember Spiderman's first outfit? It was a little more than a set of pajamas with a ski mask. We have slowly updated, refined, and improved our look. We thought we would share our own origin story - where we started and how far we've come.

Check out our story and take a look at our initial design. Remember, we are designing this for people like you! If you have feedback on things you'd like to see, send us an email!

For years, the founders of FundHero searched for the right tool.

A low cost, easy-to-use tool to help local candidates and small non-profits get organized and raise money; something between a spreadsheet and full-blown donor system. It needed to be quick, simple and intuitive, modern and mobile. It needed the versatility and chicness of a Spidey suit, but it didn’t need all the flashy gadgets of Batman's. Oh yeah, it also had to be cheap. Enter FundHero!

In 2016, a professional fundraiser, programmer, and designer embarked on a journey to fill the need for small political campaigns and start-up non-profits.

A backend fundraising system that is cool and forward thinking enough to attract the next generation of organizers, but robust enough to capture battle-hardened fundraisers, such as myself .

Too much money gets left on the table for small campaigns and non-profits due to lack of organization and messy or complicated tracking systems.

We trudged through our first internal beta test last year. The initial program was like the first suit Iron Man built in the cave. Rugged, tough, and a little inflexible, but it muscled its way through to get the job done.

We've been told that if you are not embarrassed by your first version, you haven't come far enough. Well, at least one of our founders is absolutely mortified by Version One(above) and Version Two(below).

If Windows 95 had just come out, the first look might have flown, or if we were in 1995 Version Two may have worked. Unfortunately, we designed these in 2016. There's a Version Three photo floating around somewhere, but we will fast forward to our current product!


Now, we've revamped the backend, added the shiny red design, and are getting ready to launch a public beta in June of 2017.

Thanks to David Herzog, our Chief Designer and Co-Founder, FundHero has a new and amazing look. Our goal is to provide you with all the critical information on one screen, so you don't have to get lost in clicks. Speed and ease of use is our top priority.


Thank you to our Beta Users for your time and effort. We at FundHero are excited to continue adapting and growing into the strongest sidekick we can be.

Matt Lyon

Matt has over 12 years of political fundraising experience. Matt’s experience includes overseeing up to fourteen staff members, administering budgets exceeding $1.1 million annually, directing million dollar paid media programs, raising over $5 million for various causes and organizations, and developing and implementing communications strategies that led to dozens of stories in local and national outlets, including the New York Times and Washington Post. Matt is an experienced and campaign veteran always willing to help the next candidate make a difference.